Aim for High Self-Esteem

How you feel about yourself (also known as your self-esteem) influences your behaviour. 

With low self-esteem, you will avoid opportunities, often feeling undeserving or inadequate.  

With high self-esteem, you confidently move forward and embrace life’s challenges.  

It’s perfectly normal to experience times where your self-esteem fluctuates. Your life is often significantly impacted when  experiencing periods of low self -esteem. 

Maintaining your own belief in yourself, regardless of how others think about you, is known as having healthy self-esteem. With  healthy self-esteem, you feel more motivated, more confident, take better care of yourself, are more goal driven and are more  resilient to overcome adversity. 

Changes in Self-Esteem – Many factors or life events can alter self-esteem. For example, compliments or accomplishing tasks  make you feel great, whereas receiving criticism or not meeting goals can make you feel down. We all face challenges and  battle our own inner voice that can occasionally feed us negative thoughts. Either scenario can have an effect on our self esteem. Being able to filter what information is helpful and worth listening to so you can use it to create positive changes and  what information is not beneficial and ignore it. 

Positive Reinforcements – This can be something you say out loud to yourself or have written down. For example, “Self-worth doesn’t have to be earned or proved; it just exists”. 

Acknowledge Gratitude – Be thankful for all the positive things in your life. Acknowledge the qualities and traits that make you  unique. 

Positive Self-talk – Talk to yourself the way you would talk to a close friend or family member. This will help you be gentler and  less critical, thus allowing you to have a more positive spin on who you are and your abilities. 

Participate in Activities You Enjoy – Set aside time for activities that bring you joy and allow you to take your mind off less than  positive thoughts. 

Engage with your Social Circle – Connect with friends, family, and other people that lift you up. Our connection with others  helps us thrive. Don’t distance yourself from those relationships. 

Forgive Others and Yourself – Accept that we all make mistakes. If we hold on to grudges, the negativity we carry around is  reflected in other parts of our lives. Use the lesson, learn from it, make positive changes, and move on. 

It’s completely normal to have good and bad days. Be patient and compassionate with yourself as you rebuild your confidence  and self-esteem. This process takes time and energy. When experiencing those challenging days, remind yourself that your hard  work will be worth it in the end. Most importantly, you are valued and worthy of respect. 

If you or someone you know is experiencing issues regarding self-esteem, Jaspreet at Smile Psychology can help. Reach out to  Jaspreet by phone at 780-237-1235, or feel free to use this contact form for your convenience.

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